Welcome to the official website of the San Diego Chefs de Cuisine Association, Inc., a member of the American Culinary Federation.


The principal aims and objectives of the Association are:
To promote, strengthen and develop those bonds of friendship which should exist among members of the profession.
To study, discuss and protect its moral and legal interests, whenever it may be necessary.
To foster educational programs, with lectures and demonstrations by culinarians and catering experts, thus keeping abreast of any new developments in food and service.



With a mission to promote cuisine and offer professional educational opportunities for its member chefs, the Chefs de Cuisine Association of San Diego was founded in 1961, making it the oldest affiliate of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) in the San Diego region. The Chefs de Cuisine Association offers educational programs, competitions, and events for professional chefs and culinary students, and works with the national ACF to offer professional certification exams. The Chefs de Cuisine also supports an Explorer Post for youth aged 14-20 to explore culinary careers, the first such in the nation.


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